Our Beliefs

Doctrine of Crosspoint Baptist Church
In accordance with the Baptist Faith and Message, we adopt the following statements of fundamental truths and doctrine:

Section 1 The Scriptures Inspired
The Bible is the inspired Word of God, a revelation from God to man, and the infallible rule of faith and conduct. God is the author, salvation is its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, is its matter. (2 Tim. 3:15‑17, 1 Peter 1:23‑25, Heb. 4:12)

Section 2 God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
There is only one true and living God, the creator and ruler of everything. He reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes working together as one entity. Jesus, God taking the form of man, was born of a virgin, sent to become the Savior of all men by living a sinless life, dying on the cross, and rising from the dead. He is the only way to have a relationship with God. God the Spirit inspired the writing of the scriptures. He enables people to understand the truth, exalts Christ, convicts of sin, and leads people to live in the will of God. He calls people to salvation and brings about the change that comes from a relationship with God. (Gen. 1:1-2:4, John 1:1-3 and 14, John 10:30, Luke 11:13, Romans 8:9, I John 5:6, Luke 1:26-38, I Cor. 12:1-12, John 14:16-17, John 16:8-9)

Section 3 Man and His Fall
Mankind was created by God and in the image of God. By Adam’s (the first human) free choice, he sinned against God and brought sin to the human race. Since then, all of mankind is born into sin and chooses to disobey and rebel against God and His ways. All people are sinners both by nature and by choice. (Gen. 1:27, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23)

Section 4 Sin
Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, all people are sinners by nature and by choice. Sin is doing things that God does not want us to do or not doing things that God wants us to do. God has rules to live by, and if we break even one, we are guilty of sin. (James 4:17, James 2:10-11)

Section 5 The Salvation of Man
Salvation is only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. On the cross, Jesus Christ took the sin of the world on himself. He died and rose again providing salvation for all mankind who believe on Him as Savior, confess Him as Lord, and obey His commands. God’s punishment for sin is death, but His love allowed Him to send His son Jesus to die in the place of all who will accept Christ’s death as the payment for their sins. (Romans 3:24, Eph. 2:8-9, Romans 10:8‑10, I Tim. 1:15, John 14:6, II Cor. 5:21, Heb. 9:22)

The evidence of Salvation. The inward evidence to the believer of his salvation is the direct witness of the Spirit (Romans 8:16). The outward evidence to all men is a life of righteousness and true holiness. Salvation through a relationship with Christ is evident by a transformed life and the fruit of the Spirit. (1 John 3:23, Gal. 5:22-25, II Cor. 5:17)

Faith and Works. Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ and not by human works. You cannot earn or pay your way to heaven by being or doing certain things or by not being or not doing certain things; however, our faith will produce in us the desire to do good works. Those good works will determine our rewards in Heaven. (Romans 10:9‑10, James 2:17-20, II Cor. 5:10)

Security of the Believer. All true believers endure to the end, never falling away from the state of grace. They may fall into sin, grieve the Spirit of God, do damage to their testimony and even bring reproach upon the name of Christ, yet they cannot lose their salvation. Because they are secure and belong to Christ, His Spirit will convict them of their sin so that they might repent and return to a right relationship with God. (John 5:24, John 10:27-29, John 15:16, John 17:12, Romans 8:35-39, 2 Tim. 1:12, 1 Peter 1:3-5, 1 John 2:19) 

Section 6 Baptism in Water
The ordinance of baptism by immersion should be observed as commanded in the Scriptures by all who have really repented and in their hearts have truly believed in Christ as Savior and Lord. In so doing, they declare to the world that they have died to their old way of life and have been raised to live with Him in a new way of life. (Matt. 28:19, Acts 10:47-48, Romans 6:4)

Section 7 The Lord’s Supper
Just before Christ went to the cross at the Last Supper, He established an ordinance that He commanded His followers to carry on after His ascension into Heaven. It was during the Passover meal that He first introduced His disciples to this new ordinance of sharing bread and drink as a symbol of Christ’s broken body and shed blood, which is observed to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us. (Luke 22:14-20, 1 Cor. 11:24, 25, 28)

Section 8 The Church
The church is the body of believers with Christ as the Head. Each believer being gifted by God is an integral part of the church. Jesus commanded the church to carry out the work of God until the day He returns to take His church to Heaven for eternity. The church exists to worship God, spread the Gospel, disciple new believers, hold each other accountable, love each other, and care for the people in their community. (Matt. 16:18, Eph. 1:22-23, Col. 1:18, I Cor. 12:12-28, Acts 2:41-47)

Section 9 Blessed Hope
Jesus is coming again to gather the church and take all of His followers to Heaven for eternity. (Matt. 25:31-46, John 14:1-4, I Cor. 15:51‑52, I Thess. 4:16‑17, II Thess. 2:1)

Section 10 Hell
Those who have not accepted the redemptive work of Jesus Christ will suffer eternal separation from God. The devil, his angels, and anyone whose name is not found written in the Book of Life shall be condemned to everlasting punishment in hell. (Matt. 25:31-46, Rev. 19:20, Rev. 20:10‑15)

Section 11 Christian Lifestyle
God commands His followers to honor Him, live holy lives, love others, and show the world through their lives what Jesus has done for them. God wants us to serve others and grow in our relationship with Him; therefore, Christians need to spend time reading the Bible, praying, and serving in a local church. Jesus himself demonstrated the life we should live, and the Bible tells us to imitate His lifestyle. (1 John 2:6, Matt. 22:37-29, II Cor. 5:17, Eph. 4:17-32, Eph. 5:1, Gal. 2:20)

*The Bible as the Word of God shall be the authority and guide in matters of faith and practice.

*This church accepts the Baptist Faith and Message adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, Orlando, Florida in June 14, 2000, as an expression of its beliefs.