Our Pastor

Our pastor, Sam Wells, was born in Chicago and grew up in Anderson, Indiana, though he also lived in Wisconsin and Michigan before moving to Pennsylvania. He was raised in a Christian home and was very involved in church and church activities. Always eager to please, he was generally considered a “good kid”, yet he still felt separated from God. Whenever thoughts arose of what might happen after he died, he reassured himself that surely God saw all the good things he did, how all those around him viewed him as a spiritual person. To admit that his heart was not pure would have injured the reputation he had carefully built up, so pride kept him from admitting that he was headed in the wrong direction. This pride and reliance on doing religious deeds almost kept him from the new life that God offered him. God used the Landers, California earthquake of 1992 to shake him from his complacency. Faced with the fact that, like all of us, he had no guarantee of tomorrow, he begged God to forgive him for thinking he could live life his own way. He asked God to forgive him for all the wrong things he had done and to deliver him from his despair, to give him the eternal life that Christ had paid for with His death on our behalf. God instantly made him alive spiritually. The Bible was no longer just a book, but a letter from a loving Father, sent to help him in all of life’s struggles. Church was no longer a ritual, but a gathering of those who loved the same Father and thus loved each other, a time to praise God together and study His Word even deeper. Doing good things no longer felt like a rat race, trying desperately to please a God who couldn’t be satisfied, but became a joyous privilege of serving Jesus Christ, a small token to show appreciation for the priceless gift  he had been given.

Wells Family


Part of the beauty of this spiritual life is that it not only gave him a confident hope in his life after death, it also changed his life in the interim. Shortly after giving his life to God, he was burdened to serve God full-time in the area of pastor. He eagerly took every opportunity to preach as he studied, and in 1998 he entered Maranatha Baptist Bible College and Seminary for formal training for the ministry. He was married in 2002 and graduated in 2004, at which time he became the assistant pastor of a Baptist church in Michigan. God worked out the details in an amazing way to call him and his family to Crosspoint Baptist Church in 2013. One of many life-altering experiences came in January of 2011, when their son died about halfway through the pregnancy. As he held his tiny son and felt the deep grief that always accompanies losing a child, he felt the assurance that only comes from having a faith grounded on the Word of God, a complete assurance that the goodbyes were only temporary and that the promises of God were sure. They have gone on to lose three more children, but the peace that only God can bring has carried them through. In an amazing display of the power of prayer and of God’s healing power as the Great Physician, despite all odds, they welcomed a fourth living child into the world in March of 2014. This little miracle child is living proof of God’s grace, giving us what we don’t deserve, a tiny picture of the much bigger gift of grace offered at the expense of God’s only Son. If you have questions about how you too can have confidence in your eternal destination or how you can experience supernatural peace in the middle of life’s storms, please ask. Sam loves to share about the difference that God has made in his life and would love to talk to you about it.

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