Joy Club

The purpose of the J.O.Y. Club (Jesus, Others, You) is to bring seniors together once a month for Fun, Faith and Fellowship. The club meets on the last Friday at noon for lunch and a program that honors the Lord and enriches all who attend. Senior citizens have needs unique to their age and they have wisdom longing to be shared.  Highlights of some of our programs have been: a Breakfast-for-Lunch, a Patriotic Picnic, a Hot Dog Fest, an Italian Day, Homemade Soup Day, a day to “Chase Away the Blues”, a Journey with a Missionary, a Sing-a-Long with Aunt Claudie, a piano concert by our very talented pianist, Bible stories, Scripture readings. We play games and talk about the needs of the senior generation.

Next year’s plans will consist of a Snow Ball where we will make snowman tray favors for a local nursing facility, then a Valentine’s Day Party.  We’ll make Resurrection Eggs for Easter as we talk about the Resurrection of the only Son of God. We’ll invite our friends and neighbors to join us for a nice lunch each month. We’ll enjoy reviews of Christian books, we’ll hear testimonies by our fellow believers, and we’ll have lots of fun playing games, telling jokes and enjoying each other’s company.

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